Nanny Days


I’ve been a nanny off and on it seems throughout my life.  Today I put Bennett down for a nap and within 10 minutes I heard him calling out “EEEna, Annie, EEEEna, Annie!!!!”  Those have always ended up being my nicknames.  Justin Wichterman called me Eena too.  Taylor calls me Annie.  I think Krista called me a bit of both.  Makes me happy.  I don’t know why. Luckily, Bennett went back to sleep.  I need some time to refresh.

I love children.  Always have.  Guess that’s why I end up coming back around to doing the nanny thing.

So I have a bit of a plan after my last blog.  Hopefully, it will work out alright…..

I am watching children again on Saturday. This time it’s for my sister-in-law’s sister’s wedding.  (Got that?)  🙂  I’m thankful for the work.  There are goals to be reached.

Okay, gotta write some more songs… I go!

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