Positive Post Tuesday


Ah! I love this idea! Today I would like to share about my mom. Gotta be honest, mother and daughter have had some rough times, but I love my mom.

My mom is a woman of action. She loves to help people out. She is great at pulling out all the stops to find a solution to any problem. She will stop at nothing. Well, not nothing…but pretty darn close. She likes knowing she’s helpful. I think most moms appreciate being thanked for their efforts: I think my mom’s efforts rank in the 10 stars or something like that.

I’ve gotten in the habit of calling my mom. I swore I would never do this: oops. I do it pretty much every day now. I think part of it is b/c I really long to have a close relationship with her, so I call her to share about my day and see what goes on in hers. This is definitely a new development over the last year. I’m realizing that I actually do carry some traits from my mom….even though our purposes in life right now are very different, and often our opinions differ.

In the last month my mom and I have had some heated discussion. However, through both of our stubborn spirits and desire to understand one another, I think we are starting to make progress. As for on my mom’s end, since this is to be about her and not really our relationship, she has completely blessed me this week. I am so proud of who she is becoming. Something she has said to me this week has healed a LOAD in me. Her birthday was last week, and I’m planning on taking her to brunch soon to let her know how much I appreciate what she is doing right now.

If I could share one thing I am thankful for in my mom, it is her ability to find a solution….

Thanks, Mom. I really love you. I hope if you read this, you understand.

If ya’ll haven’t blogged today positively about someone….do it!!!!


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