Favorites of the Week


1.  My shoes and Urban Outfitters rug.

2.  A Fine Frenzy (specifically Rangers)

3.  Garden Salsa Sunchips

4.  White Chocolate Mudslide Coffee

5.  Lipstick Jungle

6.  Worship with Consumed on Wednesday

7.  Philippians 1

8.  Garrett Burch  (my cousin.  one of the best guys I know.  if you don’t know him you should.  crazily funny outside, seriously honorable inside)

9.   My mom.  (she did something amazing this week that she still doesn’t realize she did)

10.  Bennett’s new song “raipops fall mmm head”

11.  Bennett’s new word “man *tongue click*” which means “magnet”

12.  Super Smash Bros. with the guys.

13.  Mercy Me’s Blog

14.   Email discussions with Joel, Josh, and Jordan.  (with the happy blog comment from Shaun Groves himself)

15.   The word “effective”

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