Positive Post Tuesday-Joe


I’ve been sitting here thinking about who I should talk about on my positive post today. There are so many people I know that amaze me and have been an encouraging force in the world. I will get to them. Today, I gotta talk about Joe.Joe’s Self-Portrait (Joe’s Self-Portrait to the left)

You should know Joe if you’ve ever been to one of my concerts or have checked out some of my promo pics/websites. Joe is “the merch guy.” Joe loves music. Joe even makes music sometimes. Joe also has quite a gift with capturing the personality of a moment behind a lens. You can see some of his work here. Awesome.

Joe has been one of the biggest supporters of my musical aspirations. He always has an neat idea, and he’s the guy that says “you need to do this! This is important!” Personally would not have gotten this far with this adventure without this guy’s help. Joe and his brother James feel like family to me. *Quick explanation* Joe’s mom is cousins with my cousin’s grandmother. There is no blood line between us really except by marriage of my aunt to my uncle. At any rate, all of us “cousins” have gotten pretty close over the last couple of years…quite a blessing in my life.

Joe has some really fantastic goals right now. Pray for him with me. His goals will impact the world in such a positive way, and Satan would like to destroy all of that. He is 16 and already has become the “go-to” guy for many people. Joe is easy to talk with and as I mentioned, pretty darn gifted. He knows a lot about computer stuff…that’s what he does at his campus job: assist people with computer issues. If you are around him enough, someone will end up calling and asking him to help with a computer problem.

The thing that makes Joe so approachable and reliable is his heart. When you truly get to know Joe, you get to know his heart for people. He is great at making people feel acknowledged and accepted. If you watch him at church, he’ll reach out to younger teens or kids and talk to them when no one else will. He’ll engage them in conversation and sit with them if they are alone. Joe is the kind of person that admits his mistakes and will go out of his way to make sure he has apologized. Joe has a courage I am not accustomed to seeing in teenagers. He has been willing to stand up and admit his doubt and not “go with the flow”.

I am thankful to know Joe. I am honored that he supports my ministry. God be with him as he continues on his journey and plans toward a kind of ministry of his own.

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