Voiced Affirmation


Tonight we had a neat service at church.  Our youth group started out with the usual announcements and such, then for worship we really wanted to celebrate tonight.  Josh, my brother, briefly explained the meanings of Maranatha, Hosannah, and Hallelujah, and Joe read an impactive verse from Psalm 118, sharing how it encouraged him this week.  It’s not often that all the musicality and technicalities of going through worship completely fade away for me since practice time and reliable a/v equipment are sparse.  Tonight all of it faded away.  I honestly have no idea how well everything came together, whether the sound was balanced or if the PPT slides were up correctly.  I only know that we sang and played in celebration to Jesus.

Then we had a prayer/communion/foot washing that was “come as you are/if you are willing”.  It was pretty special.  Maribeth pulled me aside and washed my feet, sharing words of encouragement that I honestly had a rough time accepting.  Yet, just moments before I remembered confessing to God my doubt about this very thing.  I don’t understand, but pray it will honor and bring glory to Him that created me.

Thank you, Father, for your unfailing love.


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