Purely Music


Joe and I headed up to Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC last night for the Hotel Cafe Tour. Wow. I was thoroughly impressed with this bunch of musicians. Pretty much from start to finish. It was loads of fun and seriously good musicianship. Cary Brothers, Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin, Christopher Denny, and AM and some pretty awesome other musicians presented a conglomerate of folksy, rocky, I don’t know what to call it other than pure magic. It was obvious they had fun together and enjoyed making music…without any big heads.

Joe and I headed out pretty early. We got a great parking spot, and we were pretty shocked that no one else seemed to be there. When we arrived both of us really had to pee. The tour bus was parked right in front of us so I suggested we go knock on the door and ask to use their bus lavatory. Joe would video tape. Alas, I lack the guts. We hit up a near bye cajun restaurant instead where I drank coffee and Joe ate breadsticks to kill some time. Waiting outside alone (even an hour prior to the door opening, no one had really lined up except for us), we watched the musicians walk in and out of the door. I won’t share my embarrassing moment on here, but let’s just say I just missed probably getting us thrown off the property. Well, maybe that is stretching it a bit, but I don’t know if Ingrid would have seen the humor in the moment…..

ANYHOW… 🙂 Joe and I had fantastic “seats”, standing front and center with our elbows on the literal stage. I loved the end of the concert, Ingrid’s ukulele music with Joshua and the whole gang singing/playing together. Evidently the concert was (professionally?) videotaped and photographed by someone who had a camera Joe slobbered over. Funny/great moment: Camera girl to the left of me with her camera’s uber-lens leaning over my shoulder and Joe to the right of me “sighing” in ecstasy.

I have to say, Ingrid was hilarious: surprisingly witty with her humor. Cary Brothers were passionate, and Joshua Radin was touching. Christopher Denny had the most distinctive voice, though. There’s some kind vintage folk flavor that just blew me away. Love his voice, seriously.

We stood up for like 5 or more hours, but it was totally worth it. Car seats never felt better, however.


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