Some Entertainment


This weekend was eventful! I got my much needed sleep from my crazy week prior on Saturday, woot! Then the afternoon was full of rehearsals, which went pretty great. Our drummer couldn’t make it, so Josh (my bro) and Joe (my friend) filled in. Never heard Joe play the drums, but he was pretty awesome for a first time attempt. He figured out some pretty smooth combinations for never having sat down at drums before.

Afterwards, Joe and I jammed singing/playing Ingrid Michaelson and Kate Nash and Feist songs. Morgan was our audience, and what a great audience she was! Maybe we’ll hit up an open mic night somewhere and share our talent. LOL, that would be fun.

It was then time for Guitar Hero with the cousins at Tater’s house. This is becoming a fun routine (well, at least I think so)…..HOWEVER….

I’ve had this strange right thumb/wrist pain off and on for a couple of months. It makes it nearly impossible to play the piano when it’s shooting up my wrist. I started thinking carpel tunnel, but I think I’ve figured out the problem. Guitar Hero. Sad, eh? Garrett likes to challenge me on Hard-Expert levels, but I don’t make a regular habit of playing this game. I don’t know if that’s why my hand hurts so much, but I think I’m gonna have to set aside Guitar Hero or at least minimize how much I play it. Sadness. It’s like one of the only games I even enjoy.

Easter was fun. Service was joyful and lunch with part of the family was full of bunnies and egg hunts. There are pics on my flickr site if you are interested.

I put together a video below of part of Garrett’s and my Guitar Hero adventures. Enjoy! (Sorry that it’s so dark. It was taken on my camera which doesn’t really help with poor lighting….and sorry it didn’t work earlier. it does now.)


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