My friend


There’s this guy.  He’s my best friend.  We’ve been through the best and the worst of times together.  I miss him.  He can finish my sentences.  He’s the only one who knows how to calm me down when I’m spastic.  If I’m irrational, he knows how to lovingly let me know without hurting my feelings.  He points me to God’s Word for advice; he knows scripture so well.  His timing is impeccable.  He makes up songs about random things on the fly without batting an eyelash that’ll make you giggle.

I’ve known this guy for 8 years.  That’s just so weird to me.  It doesn’t feel like that long.  Our paths only coincided for like 1 year during college and then we’ve just kept up with each other over the distance ever since.  We had this conversation semi-recently discussing how it seemed we were yet again moving in opposite directions career-wise.  Originally there were plans.  Well, dreams, more so.  Dreams of leading worship at a church together and traveling the world and possibly…well, needless to say, we went our separate ways.  Both of us branched off and explored on our own.  We each got our own experience and life-lessons and heartbreaks.  We kinda burned each other along the way.   It was painful.

It’s so easy to look back and see where things could have been better or different.  I’m amazed at the heart’s capacity for forgiveness and rebuilding.  Only our Creator could have made it so possible.  I’m thankful I have my friend in my life again.  We can’t get back lost time, and some things will never be the same, but I’m kinda glad.  I know that’s weird, but I’m one of those people that appreciates the learning process no matter how painful it has been.

At any rate, this friend has some really great opportunities that I am praying God will make possible.  Amazingly enough, our paths have come around almost full circle and he’s now leading worship at a church, mentoring some teens.  It’s pretty crazy….our goals are not so different as we once thought.  We may not be doing it together, but I think it’s neat where the paths are heading.  I like driving parallel to my friend.  It’s fun!  I pray God will prepare and provide for him in his new position(s).

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