Positive Post Tuesday-Christ Wesleyan Church



It’s that day again!  I find I look forward to today just for Positive Posting!!  There are so many people that went through my head last night and this morning that I thought of bragging about.  I really do enjoy bragging about my friends and family.  I know, I know, bragging isn’t always considered “good-manners”, but in this case I think it’s cool.  I posted a couple days ago about my friend John, so I figure today I’m going to post about my church congregation.  It’s been quite an influence in my life, and today I want to focus on the great points!

Christ Wesleyan Church.  This is the church I was dedicated in, sang my first solo in, learned Bible stories in, and made my first friends in.  It taught me the foundation I now stand upon.  Many of my Sunday School teachers and childhood companions still attend this church.  When I was in 3rd grade, my family began attending somewhere else….but then my senior year of high school we came back.

I must say, I was resistant to coming back.  My teens and maturing years were happily spent somewhere else, but I know my parents made these “moving” decisions with great prayer and concern.  The following years I was in college then moved pretty far away so I only really attended on breaks or vacations.  I never really felt a part of the congregation because of that.  However, that did not prevent people in that church from reaching out to me or from praying for me while I was out exploring and experiencing some heartbreaks.

When I moved back here two years ago, I didn’t think I would attend here. This place was like some distant memory that I was unsure of reliving.  However, my brother Josh quickly asked for my help with the youth worship, so I gave it a try.  Immediately I was welcomed with open arms; teens as well as people that have become my mentors opened their homes and hearts to me.  I cannot emphasize how much that has healed some deep wounds.  Not only did I gain a sense of renewed purpose, I gained some fantastic friendships and accountability.

All congregations have weak areas, but I’d like to focus on what my church is great at doing.  From my experience, it makes newcomers feel welcome and shares more opportunities to get involved.  Christ Wesleyan is a place of prayer, whether it’s leadership or attenders.  Our prayer blog, prayer room, altar have become an open places where many spiritual wars are fought and won.   I know without a shadow of doubt that there people battling, whether silently or not, for anyone who steps on CWC grounds.  Christ Wesleyan loves to open its grounds for community missions.  (Well, that’s what I call it. 🙂 )  It’s gym is open on many occasions to the community for basketball for adults and children (Upwards).  There is a local boy scouts program that meets weekly here.  We have programs beyond even I am aware of for assisting those in need, such as the Angel Food Ministry.  Our youth at one time would take snacks regularly over to hospitals, comforting those bound to their beds.

There’s so much more that we do, but more than anything I would say Christ Wesleyan is overflowing with caring, compassionate, prayer warriors.  This has been such a blessing in my life!  I don’t know how much longer God will keep the door open for me to stay there, but whatever the outcome, I know I am surrounded by love from CWC.   I pray the community will feel this love as well, and come to know the Saviour of the world from its impact.

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