Sweeney Todd



I rented two movies this week; this is the second one of the two.  Kinda weird how both have been about murderers….I think I need to fill the rest of my week with some really funny, happy, healthy shows. LOL.

I liked the movie, however.  I was pretty impressed with Johnny’s broadway singing…not bad at all!   I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much blood in a movie, though.  Ick.

Well, tomorrow Josh joins us again to play guitar for worship.  I’m so thankful!  It’ll be a blast. and I really pray that the teens can rejoice tomorrow night.  I’m so thankful that Monty is gonna sing, cuz my voice is still really struggling from last week’s flu.  It’s time for spring to come and stay!!!!  I don’t think my health can take much more of this spastic weather.


3 thoughts on “Sweeney Todd

  1. George Reich

    Yes, good singing but lots of blood! I saw the ending coming from a mile away. Do you think we do what Sweeney Todd did to himself–make ourselves so into what were doing that we forget why we’re doing it? What’s the theological lesson, if any, behind the rampant killing spree and revenge mindset? Just a thought for pondering. Have a super day!

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