*Sigh* Sooner than planned


As I type this, I am confused by the look of this page. The format is so different from what I am accustomed. Hmm…..did wordpress change some things on me?

Anyhow, I found out today that I will need a new job in 3 weeks (well, 2 actually). I’m sad! I will miss these kids so much. I wasn’t prepared to leave so soon. Thankfully, I have kinda planned to ease up my schedule in the summer, so hopefully the transition/search won’t be too stressful. I have peace about it all right now. No panics! 🙂

This weekend I was supposed to hang out with John. Looks like that won’t happen now. He wants me to focus on finding a job and save my gas/food money, but I am so lonely right now that I think I may change my mind. It’s thundering, lightening and raining bullets outside…how I wish I could afford a month to run away and spend some time with my long distance friends.

Well, I suppose I should get some rest. Goodnight, thunderstorm.


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