Positive Post Tuesday-Marsha


It’s late, it’s been a rough day, and I’m still working.  But I don’t want to ignore Positive Posting.  Today I want to share about my mentor, Marsha Flinchum.

This woman is so awesome.  Her whole family, really.  Marsha has probably known me since I was a baby.  Her daughter is my voice student, and both her kids are in the worship band I lead.  The evidence of parental love and godly example is more than evident in these kids.  I will save their mom’s story for her own telling, but I will say she has had quite an adventure.  Look what God has done!  He is so faithful!

Marsha is the kind of woman who seems unable to shock or shake.  She’s easy-going and fun, yet so compassionate and driven.  When she says she will pray for you, you feel the evidence of her knees to floor experiences.  She has this ability to calm people in frustrating and scary situations.  God has given her quite a gift….which I’m so thankful she is using as she obtains her counseling degree.

Marsha is my mentor, as I stated.  She is one of the 3 women I will speak with about personal dilemmas, and I am so blessed she is willing to be one of those listening ears.  Marsha’s advice is sound.  She has such an intimate relationship with God; it radiates from her counsel.  She’s not afraid to admit she may not have all the answers, but quick to offer prayer.

Marsha has consistently reminded me in my recent “single-hood sadness” that she has been in the very same place….but look what God did!!  Her encouragement and experience give me so much hope.  I’m so grateful that Marsha is willing to share and willing to offer that hope.  It is an honor that she entrusts me with the mentor-ship of her own children.


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