I can’t sleep.


I’ve gotten used to staying up late again.  *sigh*  I need to get some rest though so I can care for a very sick child tomorrow.  Bennett has croup and possibly strep throat.  He was SO miserable today, I couldn’t help but cry a little inside for him.

There are some major decisions to be made in the next couple of weeks, between job searches, worship organization changes, and details for a fundraiser at the end of May.  This may not seem like so much, but it’s kinda overwhelming.  I’m not at “freak out” point, but I don’t want to get there at all.  I’m praying very fervently that God will provide something that will enable upward movement instead  of just maintainence.

I actually have this really great peace inside right now about things.  Tonight some things went “wrong” at church.  Mostly technical difficulties.  However, nothing boiled inside me.  I just know I have to make these decisions with prayer and then move on.

Okay, I need to try to sleep.  Goodnight!!!

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