My Evening with Tara Jackson


I met Tara Jackson (then Holt) when I was in 8th grade. I was auditioning for the talent show at my middle school, and so was she. She quickly introduced herself to me and BAM! instant friendship! Music and Jesus kept us close through the years. Back in the day, we were a part of a singing group called “Voices of Heaven”….yeah. I think that’s right. It was such an awful name I question it’s correctness. LOL.


Anyhow, Tara moved to Nashville years ago with a big heart, big dreams, and big support. She is conquering the Southern Gospel world with her beautiful voice as well as with she and her husband’s company “Jackson Management Agency.” They manage independent music artists, and they’ve got some great ideas! I got to spend a fantastic evening with her at Starbucks talking about ministry and music and life. It was just so-

.-okay, I’m watching The Office as I write this and I have to stop to give credit to an awesome show. Oh. my. word. This is HILARIOUS!!!!-


-Back to other awesomeness. So Tara’s debut cd is out, and you can pre-order it here. She personally handed me my copy Monday night at our awesome meeting, and I gotta say my girl has a VOICE! She knows how to work it, but I’m always impressed by her humble attitude. Make sure you check out her blog, along with her music! She is available for booking, and you should definitely book her…she’s got a message for masses.

3 thoughts on “My Evening with Tara Jackson

  1. George Reich

    Sweet! Glad you got to see her. I’ll have to check her album out. I just bought this other amazingly cool CD the other day! It’s called Andira, Beauty in Silence. I’m stoked. It should be arriving in the mail any day now. I’ll let you know when it comes and I’ll tell you how it is. She’s got a passion for God and a heart to change the world and her voice is full of energy. Her music is quarkily stunning and stunningly quarky. Check her out! I think you’ll have a lot in common.

    Grace and peace. Oh, check out and and let me know what you think. Love you, sister!

  2. Thanks for the free press! 🙂 I had a blast hanging with you the other night too! I hope that it doesn’t take 2 more years to see each other!!

    Love ya girl, and proud of all that you are doing to further God’s kingdom! 🙂

    TJ 🙂

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