Positive Post Tuesday-Jordan, my brother


Jordan is my brother. My youngest brother. The holy brother. Jk. Josh, the other brother, and I always joke that Jordan is the favorite, the holiest, and the one that can do no wrong. Of course, we know better….

but I’m posting about him tonight anyhow. Jordan always seemed to be so quiet. Once upon a time he wanted to be a monk. I mean, that was a true option for him. It makes me proud, actually, that he loves the Lord and devotes his life to Him. But Jordan isn’t a monk. And he isn’t really quiet anymore. He probably never really was. He was probably observing all those years and thinking about God and watching Josh and I make really crazy choices so that when it was HIS turn, he could avoid discipline, avoid unhealthy dating, and avoid sin altogether. LOL. JK about the last one.

Jordan married a really great girl, together they have a really great house, and he is the one doing what he got his degree in. Believe me, he is not without fault. However, he is the FUNNIEST guy in the world. At least the next funniest guy. Josh is neck and neck in this, actually. But Jordan will make you pee in your pants, he is so witty. I get the most unusual phone calls and emails from this dude.

I think it’s his creativity. He comes up with things you would never have thought up. last night he called me and talked me through something I had dismissed altogether. His wisdom and heart enabled me to open my mind up to something I had closed the door on quickly. I am grateful, even if that option does not end up being my present calling. Jordan is a smart guy. I’m glad he is my brother. I sure do love him.

8 thoughts on “Positive Post Tuesday-Jordan, my brother

  1. Thanks for mentioning me so many times in your blog about Jordan. I’m honored to be in the same blog as him!

    I do agree. Jordan is a great guy. He is really funny and smart. I think he was hiding some of his talent early on. Some of it only came out around me, Chris Breedlove (www.ChrisBreedlove.com), or Steve Pence…but once Jordan was away from the direct influence of those people he realized he’d have to be funny and witty every single day of his life and communicate it over email and phone.

    Therefore, if you talk to Jordan on the phone any conversation is bound to start and end with a few stanzas of an old hymn or the chorus of a very popular CCM song from the 80’s or 90’s. Jordan’s emails are much the same…funny ideas…made up vocabulary…and great insight into the Bible and theology.

    Jordan is really grounded in learning, too. He really keeps me on track and challenges me when discussing religion and theology. I’ll throw out some great ideas, but I can’t explain the history of it, or validate how to back it up with studies from others or scripture verses…but that’s where Jordan excels. He’s always got a great story or example to throw in too.

    Jordan also use to HATE writing and felt that he was not good at it. He has now proved himself wrong. He is really good. I think he was too hard on himself early on. Now he’s come into his own and really communicates effectively and he just gives you that feeling that he’s comfortable in his own skin. It’s never awkward talking to him. Just funny and insightful.

    Yes…he’s my brother…my younger brother at that. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t look up to him!

  2. TOTALLY UNRELATED SIDE NOTE: Can’t acccess my email right now. Wanted to say thank you, Andi…I saw you put the new key of “Strong Tower” on the band site. Thanks so much for doing this!

  3. George Reich

    Maybe I should say, I’m glad this is one time you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. A mustache can work wonders on a guy’s reputation, huh?

  4. andiramusic

    LOL….sorry about the photo choice, but I didn’t have too much to pick from, considering in all the others you were either looking strangely confused, standing on your head, or being beat up by our niece.

    Plus, this is my favorite. Hee hee hee.

  5. George Reich

    Allow me to correct myself for the record regarding my previous comments: Let’s change “pedofile” to “pedophile” and “it’s” to “its.” I can now continue with my day after correcting those mistakes and after confessing all my sins to God. I get a good feeling inside when I know all my mistakes are reconciled. Please forgive me!

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