Best Career Advice Ever


Today I had a meeting with Dedicated, a business that you may think similar to a staffing agency. They are not one, although they do assist companies in hiring employees. However, my experience today was better than any staffing agency I have ever worked with. I will not use my “counselor’s” name on here, but I must say God sent him my way.

He was more than pleasant and helpful immediately, but then as we began discussing my prior work experience and college degree it became apparent that he was familiar with worship music. Well, he used to be a youth pastor, he says. His brother traveled with Integrity. His wife used to be a nanny and now is an educator. He has lived in FL and VA (have lived in both)….


So basically he got all of my background down to the small details of what floor I worked on at FNF to my short term goals of moving out on my own to my long term of teaching somehow, someway. I got the best guidance and explanation that I have ever gotten. Maybe God knew I needed the counsel….it’s not like I haven’t been seeking and praying for it. Yeah, God knew 🙂 … now I’m hoping to be considered for a receptionist position that is REALLY close to where I live now. I will have to remove my nose ring, though. AT least for the interview, if not for good. He handled that so well too…his wife used to have one and had to take it out brokenheartedly for a job. So he didn’t require it…he advised it with good intention.

I’m grateful to my Heavenly Father for this counsel. I’m encouraged about my experience and abilities. I was affirmed about my future goals. And now I have options….good, reasonable, happy options.

God is so awesome.


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