Healing, Direction, and the Nash


I’m listening to Cindy Morgan’s new song “Beautiful Bird”, which is so great as always.  More and more I see how influenced I have been by her music all these years.  My foot is healing.  Slowly.  I can stand on it and not scream in pain.  But every night it gets a little swollen as evidence that I have walked around on it more than I should have.   Some healing is just that way…

I’ve been really focused this week between job searching and organizing events for CWC.  I’m encouraged by the amount of responses I’ve had to my applications, but I’m still not certain what I will be doing.  Hopefully within the next week…that’s my goal.  Union Cross Cafe is coming along as well.  I’ve got all of my artists and a set list is being worked up so that practices can begin soon.  The “organizers” also had a meeting and we knocked out a lot of stuff.  I’m really praying that this all goes well, reaching out to the community and providing funding for World Hope.

Joe, Jessica and I road up to Asheville on Wednesday…the beginning of the trip was slow.  I-40 has some construction work going on that really backed up traffic.  It was though.  We got to Asheville, met up with Jessica’s boyfriend, and then headed on to the Orange Peel for Kate Nash.  The concert was great, aside from a rude, drunken crowd.  The ride home was seemed so long, but we got home at 3 am, as I predicted.  Worth it?  Sure.  I like seeing favorite artists live.  Feist will be Sunday!!!!!  Yay for good seats this time as opposed to standing room only.

One thought on “Healing, Direction, and the Nash

  1. George Reich

    Did you tell the drunkards about Yeshua? I love watching drunk people. I saw one walk out of the jail yesterday. He continually stumbled until he made his way into a garden bed and then plopped himself down and fell over. He was just wearing a jacket and pants. No shirt and the jacket was not zipped up. It was quite amuzing but a bit scary. You never know what drunkards might do. I hope he did not stumble onto the street and get himself run over. He finally gave up before I got on my bus and fell out on the ground. Keep up the good work Corona! You’re taking the world by storm!

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