Things that are exciting:


1.  Feist was AWESOME last night!

2.  Cindy Morgan has a new wordpress blog.

3.  I get to see my beautiful nieces tonight.

4.  God knows what job He has provided for me.

5.  Found out that a couple of old college friends play at the same cafe where I’m playing this Saturday.

6.  I didn’t burn my blueberry muffins this morning. 😉

7.  I have memorized all of my piano parts FINALLY.  ( I really struggle with memorizing piano.  Lyrics are easy.  Piano…yikes.  But I did it!!!)

8.  Union Cross Cafe is coming together well so far.

9.  Joe is playing at the Union Cross Cafe!  Go Joe!

10.  This job I am praying for is UBER close to my house and my church.

One thought on “Things that are exciting:

  1. George Reich

    Super Sweet! Glad you have found some calm and some joy in the storm. I know it’s tough not having a job but keep your chin up in confidence and your hands up in thankfulness for what God has already done and what he is going to do through you. Great things are in store. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not preaching a prosperity gospel. I just know your heart is set for success and of the heavenly kind. Keep the spirit alive! Love you sister!

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