Weird Day


I’m having a weird day. I woke up this morning after a dream, er a nightmare. My car was parked at someone’s house, and someone kept stealing it and trying to sell it off for parts. Somehow I kept figuring itout and finding it. I finally drove off, fighting off these teenage kids who had kept stealing it.

So soon after I woke up my mom calls, trying to get me to take my car in to get it fixed. This is frustrating because I was still waiting to hear about my potential interview, and I have quite a busy week otherwise. So she and I argue some as I concede to play it by ear and decide by tomorrow. (I won’t go into details, but this is one of those things where it’s my car and my time, but “everyone” else thinks they can micro-manage my time and my car, etc….)


I have been in a bad mood ever since. I DO have an interview tomorrow morning however, and I’m very hopeful/thankful. it’s so close to work and home…it would help me save on gas money. God is good.

I want someone to vent to right now. I don’t feel right in doing it on here, but it’s SO tempting. I have nothing to complain about; God continues to provide. It’s just these little frustrations and issues that I must deal with because they are my responsibility, but nothing I do seems to be “good enough”. I know I need to just do my best and let it go. *Sigh* I desire excellence. I desire it from those around me, but most of all from myself. It bothers me when others don’t recognize those efforts, when what I have done and accomplished is “dismissed”. I know. it’s prideful. But here’s where it’s coming from: Rejection.

I am so disappointed that the contemporary world around me accepts and PREFERS to lower the bar. It would rather hire someone less capable just because they will accept a lower pay. It would rather choose someone or something just “okay” so they can look or sound better in comparison. It’s like it’s this war against humanity, and humanity thinks it has to win by making “okay” parade like it’s “awesome”. One of my friends is running

into the same type of rejection. He did not get a job because he was “over-qualified and they cannot afford to pay what he is worth.” My friend needs a job, and I pray that God will provide, knowing that He will. However, I have asked several “do we have to lower our expectations and market ourselves as less than we are just so we can pay the bills? Just so we can be heard?

It astounds me. It confuses me. Crap is golden and flat is beautiful. When did this happen?


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