Positive Post Tuesday-the Wichtermans


A few years ago, I had the privilege of working for this family.  I cared for the 3 kids and took care of the household cleaning, cooking and errands.  I fell in love with this family; I became part of their family during those 3 years.  We try to see each other about once a year (they live right outside of D.C.), but I miss them.

Bill Wichterman, the father, works on the Hill.  I believe he is working for the President now.  Bill and his wife Dana both challenged me politically and spiritually during my time there.  They never treated me as help, but as equals.  We would have so many great conversations over dinner or when the kids were napping, etc.  They shared their love of reading with me, especially of C.S.Lewis.  Because of them, I read some of my now most favorite books.

Jenna, Justin, and Krista are great kids!  They have such awesome, unique traits.  It was an honor to be a part of their growth.  Jenna rides horses.  She has a gentle, giving spirit.  She comes up with really creative ways of helping others out.  Justin is so into animals too!  He seems to prefer the “slimier” animals, but lately I have learned that he’s really into Star Wars.  🙂  He’s a brave one, that Justin!  Krista is all sparks and personality.  That girl has had great wit ever since she was born.  Her spunk is sure to capture the hearts of her communities.

My life has been permanently and positively impacted by the Wichtermans.  I KNOW the Hill is too.  The entire family shares the love of Christ with their community, and Bill is doing wonders in the government.  Their family gives me hope 🙂


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