Songs and Songwriters


Cindy Morgan won two Dove Awards on Wednesday!!!!   She got an award for country song of the year and songwriter of the year, and these were both well deserved.  Cindy is my most favorite songwriter, and the woman who inspired me to sit down at the piano to sing.  Check out her blog for access to all sorts of Cindy news.  That woman knows how to write songs and stories better than anyone.

I talked to a couple of other songwriters yesterday…Aaron Moore and Scott Johnson.  I found pictures of them playing at Common Grounds Cafe (where I will be playing on Saturday), and got excited.  They were in MOST of my music classes at GWU, as well as two of the guys who studied in Dr. Terry Fern’s voice studio.  Fun times!

So Scott is singing over at The Crossing, and Aaron evidently may be moving to Florida soon for a pastoral worship position.  Scott should be coming to the cafe to check out the music on Saturday.  He commented on the phone yesterday “Andria, I don’t recall ever hearing your own compositions.”  And that is because I didn’t start writing until several years after I graduated…I didn’t think I could.  Look what God did!

Last night before practice, Anazao and I just sat around and talked for a while over some wings and coca-cola.   We talked about Jesus and jobs and lack of jobs and how God can do amazing things.  It was a blast, as always.

I love talking and hanging out with musicians.  I wish I could do it every day.  🙂


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