Positive Post Tuesday-Taylor and Madison


Taylor and Madison are my nieces.  I had the privilege of hanging with them this afternoon.  We read books, danced, played dress up, played play-doh, watched Monsters, Inc., and laughed contagiously during their bath time.  Between running after the speedy crawler and keeping up with Taylor’s new play ideas, it was a busy day.  They are both so bright.  Seriously, I’m not just saying that.  You can tell they have excellent parental guidance and love.

Taylor and Maddie both have such happy spirits.  It was giggles and smiles the whole time I was there, excepting bedtime.  Maddie has this really funny laugh.  It is not a snort, but she smiles really big and makes this hissy hiccup laugh.  It’s so great!  Taylor has such a sweet, wide-eyed perspective.  She runs from corner to corner, making up stories, and if you somehow lose her in the jaunt, she catches you up.  She doesn’t seem to miss a beat.  Neither one of them seem to stop.

They are the the ever-blooming flowers in my life, reminding me that God is not finished with me yet.


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