Girl Time


My sister-in-law Brittany and I went to Tranquility Salon and Spa this morning for pedicures.  Oh, they were AWESOME.  I’m a bit sniffly and hoarse due to either a cold or some REALLY bad allergies, but what a grand way to relax.  The girls that gave us pedicures were really nice and fun to talk with.  My girl had some rocking tattoos (which we discussed) and once upon a time owned a music venue.  Ladies, I recommend Kendra at Tranquility for pedicures!  It was just so great to spend the morning and early afternoon having girl time and girl talk without any rush or hindrances.

We then went on to Mi Pueblo for a laid back lunch, where I got a message from Dennis.   I am sad that I had to cancel my special music for tomorrow morning. but I can’t sing right now–I have a frog voice.  LOL.  Thankfully, it won’t be a problem, and there was an addition to the service for a new members greeting.  So it all worked out!

I’ve been thinking hard about what “career” path I’d like to follow.  As in, what am I going to do to pay the bills.  Being without a job right now forces me to think this way, but mostly I think in terms of “immediate need”.  When I haven’t had a lot of time to plan, it’s hard to think longterm.  I mean, I have bills to pay now.  So I don’t know.  I think I’ve decided fully against teaching.  Now I’m really looking for office work, but I’m considering cosmetology.  I know!  Crazy, right?  I mean, yeah, I will have to go back to school.  And probably people would think it odd.  However, I LOVE working with people and I really enjoy fashion.  I’ve done some hair cutting in the past and coloring, and although I am not even near an expert, it’s something I would enjoy doing.  AND I could still maintain a music ministry!  So we’ll see.  I think if I ever go back to school, I will do that.  It would be the perfect combination of my creativity, personality, listening ear, and time values.  So, we’ll see…..

Okay, well now I need to get some other work done before I’m off to the next event.  🙂


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