Upon a Vision


Once upon a time there was a child born of love who walked the earth in a cloud of possibility. From the very beginning of heartbeat, the earth pressed darkness upon the child, and the child pushed back in confusion. The lie of disdain became an ever present whisper through the happy and the sad. The child sought to escape the unpleasant sound, but no distraction or accomplishment could mute it. Many traveled with the child, offering advice with good intention. Some listened more than others; some offered more than welcome. Some preferred to dwell with the darkness without solvent, consumed with the lie of disdain.

Unshattered, the child yet began to lose the dream of possibility. The man in white came steadily, and she took his hand when introduced. He spoke of clarity and resolve, of which the child found quite appealing. Visions came often of a different kind of existence, one void of the persistent whispers. But upon joining the man in white, no relief was found. Bafflement. Where was the promise of release? Why did the world continue to press so unkindly with this determined lie? The child found it increasingly difficult to deny the lie, embracing its impressions instead.

The man in white promised it had been taken care of. He promised release. He promised aid. Questions pounded the child, feeding the doubt the lie had already planted. Why was the child allowed the happy visions if reality was this cold, ill-festering whirlwind of bondage?

Even those that walked with the man in white spoke disdain, painting a distorted world and teaching fear of others that believed the lie. The child’s heart broke into a million pieces over time. The visions discontinued, but something kept her alive. Just as the whispers of disdain remained, so did the spirit of possibility, surviving in pieces of her heart that were merely jumbled inside the child.

To be continued…


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