My Recurring Dreams


Okay, so I seriously have wacky dreams. I mean, detailed and colorful adventure dreams. When I was a child I had really awful adventure dreams. I guess you could call them nightmares. For a child they were very dark though, and I learned how to change the “ending” upon waking up in them so that I wouldn’t be scared.

Well, I have started a new dream sequence. So far I believe I’ve had 3. It’s almost like I am in some action movie that turned into sequels. Here’s what has happened so far (it’s truly entertaining!):

I have 3 young children in the dream. Some man is after me and my kids. He poses as government. This is what I know as the dream begins. We are running from this pursuer. I escape him once before with the help of a Protector (an older man). I get separated from my kids during one of our frenzied escapes, but the Protector hides them in another part of the factory we are in. Before reuniting with them I run into an open apartment to hide. There are lots of fabrics and it looks like a designer’s apartment.

I hide in behind a wall of hanging fabrics as my pursuer comes to the door and questions the female owner. She’s high and did not see me enter the apartment, so she honestly claims she has not seen me. He checks out the apartment, but cannot find me…I am hidden well by the fabrics. I come out and talk to the woman, explaining my situation. She is starkly emaciated and owns up nonchalantly that she just took a hit. As I talk with her about it, somehow my Protector is there too. He tells me that has placed my kids in a very safe place with a trustworthy adult. I thank the woman and leave to reunite with my kids.

Time passes as we are on the run. I end up in other towns. The agent chasing me catches up with me in a storage building and takes my kids. My protector distracts the agent while I run, but my kids are taken. I hold my breath. As my pursuer leaves, he tells my protector that he better own up to where I am hiding. He WILL find me.

I run from the place out into the city, crying uncontrollably. The world spins. I turn around and see a man with a gun to a woman’s head. I keep running. I hear my pursuer around the corner. I slip into a small elevator and push “3”. There is only enough room for my body. It begins to rise, but then the elevator bends 90 degrees and I see sky only, as though the ground is parallel to my reclined body. Then the elevator bends 90 degrees again and I am upside down viewing decorated doors and windows to an apartment. It finally stops at the “3” door, and I push the “Request Entry” button. The elevator door opens and I am tumbled and forced by air into the apartment.

I immediately recognize the furniture and designs…it is the same designer’s home, but in a different apartment. I walk to the kitchen and find her passed out in a chair. My Protector is suddenly there and I find a way to revive her. I can tell she is not on drugs, but is undernourished. I feed her soup and she becomes more aware. She tells me she hasn’t eaten in 2 weeks. I see another man in the apartment and realize it is her boyfriend. He says he has been trying to get her to eat, but she would not listen. Suddenly there are other people in the apartment, some of her friends. I tell them what happened with my kids and they say they will keep my safe here as long as possible.

I sit in the living room with most of them when suddenly I hear the doorbell ring. I spring to action searching for a hiding place. It’s too late. I hear Tater’s voice (the FIRST person so far that I know in real life) say “Andria, there’s a man here to see you.” Tater walks in first and then everyone says quietly “what are you doing!!!!!!??????” He immediately feels awful and slaps his head in realization of his mishap. I dive under the couch cushions, and everyone collapses on top of it to cover me. It is no good. The man is walking too quickly into this room, and we are unable to cover me carefully. A piece of my shirt hangs out from the side. My pursuer pushes everyone off the couch. The pursuer starts talking to me about how I must stop running. He turns around to talk to the other people in the apartment, and I jolt out of it without him noticing due to his loud voice. I hide behind a washer and dryer just outside the apartment. My pursuer searches the entire apartment, seeming unaffected by my escape. I hear him assure the people that he WILL find me again.

*Photo by Snailbooty on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “My Recurring Dreams

  1. andiramusic

    Actually, after praying about it, I do not believe it is God chasing me at all. I believe God is my Protector in the dream…and the Pursuer is Satan. My children are my “responsibilities” in real life (which I will leave unnamed on here). I continually have this lie of a fear where I “lose” everything that I love and am responsible for.

    God is telling me that He’s protecting me and those things, even if they seem “lost”.

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