Angels and Warriors


I am finally over my brief encounter with the sick bug.  Do you ever get so sick you just can’t function, speak, or think clearly and then once it is all over feel like it was all a dream or some bad medicine that gave you mental cramps? Well, whatever it was, I feel normal once again, if you can call that normal.

Actually, today I had a very assuring worship time with God while listening to Watermark and driving down Wendover through frenzied traffic.  I have become worry-free about this job-less situation I am currently experiencing.  Not worry-free as in action-free; I continue to apply for positions every chance I get.  I just don’t feel the pressure I had felt before to solidify my future.  In fact, there is a sense of adventure that has entered my walls which had been missing of late.  At any time of the day now I can take a break and head over to the piano and just play.  If I want to read a book or work on my latest song, I am not time-constrained.  It’s glorious.  God is glorious.  Perhaps He is allowing me this time for my personal revival.  I don’t know, but I will be thankful for it, even if his allowing it means I must tighten my wallet a bit more in the meantime.

If you will look to your right, you should see some new blog links.  There are three I wish to call attention to, as they are bloggings worth reading.  All three of them are guys I went to college with.  Incredible guys, truly.  I was not close with them, but even in our brief fellowships their uplifting and upright persons impressed me.  Reed Lackey, Nathan Rouse, and Jonathan Martin.  I have just happened on their blogs and am only beginning to read through them.  It is time well-spent, though.  Keep the distractions off while you read…they are really great writers and deserve the full focus.  🙂

Enough for now…I must rinse out the color that is now beginning to itch my scalp.


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