Positive Post Tuesday-Grandpa and Grandma


I almost forgot to do Tuesday’s Positive Post!  Well, to my left are some awesome people.  Those are my mom’s parents, and I live in their home.  Over the last two years they have been so adaptive allowing me to stay with them, coming in late, swinging through quickly as I have such a crazy schedule.

Since I have recently become jobless, my grandparents have been so generous.  My air conditioning went out in my car, and they took care of it.  I’m so grateful!  This summer would have been really scorching without that air.  They have done so much more than that, like take me to Cold Stone Creamery for fun and listen to me practice endlessly on their piano while they would probably rather be sleeping as well as make sure there is fresh coffee each morning before I wake up.  That coffee thing is priceless.

I’m so thankful for my grandparents.  They have always been a great support for my ministry and all of my endeavors.  And they are like that with so many people….so encouraging and generous.  Any new neighbors receive homemade cookies or pies, and they are always immediate to pray when someone is in need.  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!  You both rock more than you’ll ever believe!

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