A Band of Humans


I’ve been going to the women’s bible study that Maribeth (our pastor’s wife) leads on Thursdays since I have been jobless. It is so great. I’ll be so thankful for a job when God provides one, but right now I am grateful for this bible study. I am thankful for the fellowship and the wisdom and the prayer.

Today we discussed this verse: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

Maribeth explained “they shall be sons of God” means “they are like God.” As in, if you make peace, wow, you rock because you have taken on a thing that God does. And it isn’t an easy thing.

I lead a youth band. Every single one of them is unique. Every one has a different background and a different experience level and a different style preference and a different take on the music we play. Some of them have been playing for 6 months and some have been doing this since they were little kids. Imagine trying to make perfectly timed, in tune, beautiful music with this group. It isn’t an easy thing.

They are capable. They absolutely are. The challenges are visibly difficult. Some of them are more driven than others. Some of them haven’t learned the F# chord yet. Some are not as confident as they could be. Isn’t that like us? Us humans. Us Christians.

We are a such a cacophony most times, defending and retreating, attacking and mistreating. I cannot fathom the actions God must take as a peacemaker. I have been learning a valuable lesson as a leader: how to leave the ultimate decision in their hands. As Maribeth wisely said this morning “we can’t make people reconcile or force them to be friends. We have to do what we can and know when to leave them the responsibility.”

My sister-in-law is reading a book that helps on this very subject: Boundaries …check it out! I hope to read it next. Maribeth says it helps you learn how to give MORE by creating healthy, appropriate boundaries.


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