Life and Job Updates


1.  Still unemployed.  Potential part-time job at Guilford Tech in the works…

2.  Upside of unemployment:  hang out sessions with my sis-in-law Brittany and my beautiful nieces.  That rocks more than words.

3.  Creativity and ideas spiking all over!!!  I’m working on some outreach projects in my head for our young adults….

4.  My wrist is now wrapped due to over-flux of piano playing and computer typing.  Eecheewawa.  Praying against carpel tunnel.

5.  I found my old Michael W. Smith CDs buried in my memory box, including i2eye, and I am stoked.  Good memories.


One thought on “Life and Job Updates

  1. George Reich

    Man, I wish I had the i2eye CD. I do have the tape and it makes for some pretty memorable rides to and from work and church. They don’t make Christian music like they did in the good old days. If you listen closely today maybe you’ll hear Leasha. Oh the memories!

    May God’s grace, peace and love abound in you today as you await and search out employment opportunities!

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