Positive Post Tuesday-Pastor Joey Jennings


Pastor Joey Jennings is my pastor. He and his wonderful family have apart of Christ Wesleyan Church for years…not sure how many, honestly. On many occasions I have been challenged and comforted by his messages and pastoral leadership. Today I will positively post about him.

Pastor Joey is a wise guy. No, really! Not in the slang term way, but seriously wise. As his wife has assured me on several occasions, anything you take to him will be prayed over and considered carefully even if he doesn’t respond immediately. Our church is truly shepherded by this man. His responses to difficult situations and challenges are always seasoned with the leading of the Spirit. His challenges are pure at heart. If you hear him speak, you will hear someone deeply connected with the needs of the congregation.

Recently and on more than one occasion, I have felt the impulse to stand up and shout in agreement with some of his leading during worship services. Although I have not followed through on the impulse, I want to say right now how thankful I am that my pastor is not afraid to confront issues of concern. When the congregation needs direction, he is able and willing to give it. And as I mentioned above, he may not respond to things out loud immediately, but after experiencing his pastoring over time, I am more and more assured of his leadership.

I pray God will bless, keep, and drive the Jennings as they continue on at our church. The Lord knows we need this strong and Spirit-led governing.


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