Young Adult Outreach


My church just started having a weekly gathering of our young adults. I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking to people in and out of my church about this “lost generation”-they tend to slip through the cracks of churches. There are many reasons why. Maybe we should address this issues….perhaps I will at some point on here. But for now, I want to ask you a question. What do YOU think would be some good outreach activities for young adults (married AND single)???

Here are some brainstorming/focus thoughts:

1. We need to do some things that allow us to have a common goal.

2. We need to cultivate outreach to other young adults in our community. In other words..we need to get other young adults that may not already be connected to a Christian fellowship involved.

3. We have ages 18+, married and single, parents and non. We need some activities that would enable this broad scope to somehow feel welcome and able to be involved. We are not a large church, but we have plenty of young adults…they just come in all “styles”.

As I mentioned we have an evening, weekly gathering. At the moment it doesn’t work well for parents, and they need the fellowship and connection as much as the others>>>

Ideas, anyone????

**picture by DoBeRaGi


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