All glory to God, I was offered a position today as the Events Coordinator at Guilford Tech Community College. I am so completely thrilled to have accepted it! I start Wednesday.

In other news, I seem to be coordinating a lot of other areas. The Cafe music is slowly coming together, and it looks as though I am starting to book more and more dates on the side. It is such an honor, but I will have my work cut out for me. Thankfully the head start has been good.

The “break” has been so good. As uncertain as the time was with not knowing when I would attain a position, much has been accomplished. I have done so much sorting through old papers and pictures (hence all of my old pics on facebook and flickr), and I have spent much fantastic time with my nieces and Brittany. As my grandfather so rightly put it on paper upon hearing the news of my job, “God DOES answer prayers.”

I’m so uber grateful God answered mine with this.


One thought on “Provision

  1. Jordan

    Congratulations! Are you going to have some snazzy business cards? Are you going to be one of those people with a helium tank, streamers and dodge balls always laying around in your office? Way to bag it! The hand of providence is heavy and at large in your life in the most surreptitious of ways. Pray hard, work hard and maybe the work will turn into play. Enjoy the new job and its benefits! Love you sister! Grace, peace and blessings on your new job!

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