Positive Post Tuesday-Dedicated Professional Resources


Since my life has been much consumed with job searching, and as of this week as job has been provided, I want to share my experience with Dedicated Professional Resources.  These people have been so caring, helpful, and hardworking.  Their integrity and genuine concern for the people that come to them is so apparent.  They have been ultra communicative and prepared me so well for every interview.  They went beyond asking about my work history and talked to me about my skills and my real life experience.  I have a job to go to this week because of them.  During my search, they were encouraging and when I got the job, they rejoiced with me.  Seriously, they were truly happy!  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed talking with anyone about job searching and interviews as much as with this group of people.

So for all you near a Dedicated Professional Resource office and in need of a career-by all means speak with them.  I give praise to God for the work they are doing.


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