Beautiful Sounds, Tripping on Joy


This evening I led worship for the student ministries at my church.  It was a sparse band, just me and my piano.  I don’t know what was going on in the hearts and minds of those facing the screen tonight, but I heard voices, voices, voices….it was breathtaking.  Sometimes with a full band that kind of opportunity is rare.  What a treat to witness that tonight, and oh I pray God smiled at those hearts and their melodies.

Pastor Mark had some very good teaching for everyone; he encouraged discipleship.  How great is that!??!!  As I’ve been thinking about the young adults, that was something that had come to mind…encouraging them to offer discipleship.  I don’t know if Mark is thinking what I’m thinking or not, but wouldn’t that be uber cool.  My brothers and I definitely benefited from discipleship in our youth.  Robert and Jodi Barbazette took us under their wings, one-on-one, giving us personal wisdom and Godly guidance.  I also had a woman named Myra Thomason who was my first voice teacher.  She always emphasized the message with music, prompting me to dig deeper with my faith.  I pray our youth will take advantage of the opportunity and advice from Mark.  It will stay with them always.

I must get up really early tomorrow and take my car back to Mock Tire…now my car is stalling when idle.  Loverly.  Ah, well..the anticipation of this new job out-trumps that.  I really hope the transition is smooth…it sounds like something I will actually enjoy doing.  🙂

Fanterific evening, all!

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