My Heart About Worship


Morning came so quickly. Yesterday our young adults went on a LONG hike through and around South Mountain. I mean quite literally: THROUGH and AROUND. It was great time for fellowship, but also for prayer and contemplation.

Worship has been on my heart…the act of worship, more so. As a worship leader, I feel an active responsibility for my teams and my “choir”. It has been made more than clear that my teams need to know this active responsibility as well. I cannot force it or make them understand, but I can teach them what it means to be a “worship leader”. Every single member of these bands is a piece of this leadership; each one is a worship leader. They may not coordinate the rehearsals or prepare the PPT slides or print the music, but we are a band (TEAM!). We, together, lead worship.

God is GREAT, and when we come together to plan a time where our youth group or church sings musical offerings to Him…we need to be driven by an utmost call to offer Him our best.

More on this HERE.….

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