Positive Post Tuesday-a new perspective


I watched something this weekend-a DVD from Love Won Out/Focus on the Family. There were three stories. Two by women and one by a man. The first story was powerful. During the second story I could not withhold my tears. The third story hit home…and gave me a fresh perspective on what God has been doing in my heart.

The third story was of a woman you may have heard of: Nancy Heche. Yes, that’s right. Anne Heche’s mother. She shared the journey of a woman pursued by God. It took a load of confusion, heartache, and loss, but she now shares a testimony of God’s mending. Please read her story here.

I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life. There have been moments where I have felt so out of control and hurt that my words turned into daggers. I have spent endless hours trying to make sense of things that probably won’t ever make sense. Rejection and heartache swept through my blood, pumping unhealthy thoughts into my heart. My journey of mending is not too different from Nancy Heche’s journey. Broken heart -> hard heart -> soft heart.

My positive post my seem unclear right now, but it is two-fold. 1) God restored a spirit of hope and life in me after so many years of muddied perspective. Praise be to Him for his patience in me learning how to cope and love through obstacles. 2) Yay for Nancy Heche and her testimony. It is an inspiration to my heart. I am reassured that God uses brokenness for good.

For the two other outstanding and moving testimonies go HERE for Mike Haley and HERE for Melissa Fryrear.

I know they all have gotten a lot of heat in some circles, but their stories amongst others bring tears of hope to my heart. Someday soon perhaps I will gather my personal testimonial…


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