I Must Share…


Okay, hopefully Shaun Groves won’t be mad that I’m promoting this specific blog, but if you haven’t read his blog today, you MUST MUST MUST.  It’s more than interesting.  It’ll give you a great snort as well as make you think…and maybe even research.  Here’s an exert to wet your appetite and hopefully send you over there:

“So, my wife thought out loud, much to my surprise, that her dilemma might best be solved by polygamy.  Father Abraham, she reasoned, may have had multiple wives not only because he was originally from the very pagan nation of Babylon, but because it’s just plain practical.”

So now you have no choice.  You must read that blog.  And question the foundation of your marital belief system.  I AM SO JOKING ABOUT THAT LAST STATEMENT.  Make sure you read his disclaimer as well.  But do read the blog.  It’s great.  (Forgive me, Shaun.  It was just too good to keep to myself. LOL.)

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