Master’s Loft and Today’s Update


There is so much music inside my head right now I may pop.  I have two hours prepared for tomorrow, all the music for all of the Union Cross Café bands, a new piece with Don Pence’s group, and some piano music for Sunday.  It’s honestly not so bad, but it’s just all swimming around in my head at one time.  What a cacophony!

So tomorrow night at 7, I’ll be playing at The Master’s Loft in Winston-Salem.  I’m excited about it; more people are going to come than I originally thought would be able to make it.  My voice has been pretty tired this week, but prayerfully tomorrow night all will be well. Tonight I’m committed to  watching a movie by myself under my fluffy red blanket with the fan in my face.  It’s hot here!

This afternoon I had a great interview for a position really near my house.  I’m very encouraged by how it went, so hopefully on Monday I will have a positive answer.  The position starts Tuesday, and it couldn’t be better timing.  God’s will be done.

Well, that’s all for now.  It’s time to enjoy my movie….make sure to head out tomorrow to the Master’s Loft if you are in the W-S area!  We’ll have a great time of worship.  🙂


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