I heart Lazytown


Even though I’ve really enjoyed being a nanny in the past, I really dislike almost all kid shows. I’ve never been a fan of cartoons really, so sitting with children as they watch their beloved shows is like torture.

That is until I was introduced to Lazytown by my niece, Taylor. That show has everything a kid show is supposed to have. There’s singing to techno music, rad dance choreography, a strange villain reminiscent of Carey’s character in The Mask, puppet people, a positive message, and an acrobatic hero. It is awesome. Shamefully, I sometimes stop and watch it to pass time at home without the kids around. Yep. It’s great. And it’s Icelandic.

I want pink hair like that girl. Doesn’t every girl? LOL. Jk, but seriously. Any other Lazytown fans out there?



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