Master of Interviews


Another interview down, none to go at this point.  I’m discouraged.  Gotta be honest, at this point being a surrogate mother or marrying someone for money is looking kinda tempting.  I actually reduced myself to asking driver’s license-less teens if they would pay me to drive them around.  Target won’t take me cuz I’m over-qualified, the economy can’t afford my childcare, and my resume doesn’t look good enough to offices since I’ve been a nanny and waitress the last couple of years.

*heavy sigh*

I’m so confused.  Of course, I chuck it up to those places not being the right places for me; God is allowing it for some reason.  I just would like to know what I’m missing here.


6 thoughts on “Master of Interviews

  1. Jordan

    I don’t believe God is allowing it to happen just because. And I’m not sure about this “God allowing” thing that people seem to be buying into. I’m pretty sure that God lets us work things out according to his good and perfect moral will that is laid out for us in what we call the Bible. Follow those and follow your passion. Follow God’s passion and how it connects to your work and you won’t be missing anything. We may actually be the ones allowing things to happen.

    Yes, God has a plan for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you…but it’s almost as if he’s asking that you take active participation in those plans…as you know and have done so well. Don’t be discouraged! If in the process of searching for “the plan” or “the job” or “a job” you find yourself changed then it may just be that he’s leading you in a different direction and unveiling your “calling” a little more. Be encouraged! You are specially made and designed to change the world.

  2. Jordan

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all you ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

  3. andiramusic

    You and your Baptist theology. Grief. LOL, jk.

    But seriously, Jordan, I do believe God allows some things, especially according to how we pray. Josh and I were discussing that in Sunday School regarding Job. Sure, Satan asked permission…and in my case it is probably not that.

    However, this situation with my search for a job has been soaked in prayer, and I as well as many have not just been praying for A job, but a long-term, good job where I can flourish. Perhaps it is the wording of “allowance” that you dislike; maybe you prefer “ordained”, but in either, God has control.

    This is how I approach each opportunity: that it is a possible grand piece in my life, so I give my best. Even if I have doubts about a position, I have tried to wow them in my interviews so that God can weed it out according to His will. I know we have the abilitiy to work things out our way, but Jordan, right now I don’t have any career direction other than knowing I want to be in an office. I am fully reliant on God giving me direction, and the only way I know to do that is by prayer and giving my all in every opportunity.

    So if in turn I do not win the position, it is my first impression that God has allowed it so that I am saved for something else.

    If my thinking is wrong, then I have years and years of re-healing to do, and that is a wound I am not prepared to re-open.

  4. andiramusic

    Jordan, forgive me if it seemed I was arguing-attacking back. You are my brother, and I love you and appreciate your encouragement.

  5. Jordan

    I don’t think you are wrong. Please don’t take it that way. As with many things, semantics play a huge roll. I guess what I mean by saying that God does not “allow” things is that…well… I hate it when people say that God has allowed bad things to happen to good people or just bad things in general. God is not some strategic chess master playing against the devil making bad moves here and there and putting us into predicaments and trials until at that final moment when he yells “checkmate”. Pain does not work that way. Pain and suffering is not God ordained. I do not stub my toe or lose my job and yell “God”. Wouldn’t that be in vain?

    My understanding is that the joy in the pain is what God ordains. Now, to say that God is in control is one thing but to say that he says “No” to one job or one husband and “Yes” to another is totally different thing when you are searching for just that one thing.

    I don’t claim and honestly will never claim to have it all figured out. My words that I use to describe God are highly inadequate. I am just a man and I can only speak in human terms. I know God is in control. I know he orchestrates my life. He is the fabric of all that I do. Honestly though, I have a difficult time saying “everything happens for a reason.” By saying that I am not in any way “dethroning” God or taking away his control from the situation. He is the potter and I am the clay, this I know. God is not a distant God; he does not rule over us from afar. I hope in no way to conjure up that idea. Forgive me if I did. Honestly, maybe I need to go back and study the examples of God’s authority in the Bible. Sorry to put my in-progress theology out there. I’m still figuring things out. I surrender.

  6. andiramusic

    That makes more sense when you put it that way, and I agree with you there. I’m still figuring things out myself. There is this struggle between all these forces in the midst of my search. Some people are throwing my past in my face: “you shouldn’t have waitressed or nannied, then they wouldn’t think you were unqualified.” and others are saying “why don’t you just work retail?”

    Mom just got done being frustrated about my applying at Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Noble and Panera b/c I may possibly work Sundays. But on the other hand, if I have no other options right now and I have to eat to live and feed my car to drive to church and interviews….

    so I guess that’s where my personal responsibility gets sticky.

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