Dear Abba,


God, I come before you right now with a great petition for our teens. The obstacles seem so huge and impossible sometimes. The clashing of hurts and heartbreaks is overwhelming, so I call out to you tonight for help. I praise You; You ARE good and able to heal these wounds and break these bitter barriers. My womb has been empty, but my heart cares for each and every one of our youth as a mother. God, I pray that you will intercede here and dissipate all the dark emotions. Silence the things that are evil and call out the things that are hiding from repentence. Draw us to Your protection and correction. Father, you are a mighty wind of love, and I am comforted that You desire us to be in harmony with each other as well as with You. Please soothe the hearts of the parents and guide them as they direct their children. Jesus, your sacrifice was not for nothing, and I claim victory against all these demons of revenge, bitterness, confusion, lust, disdain and disillusionment. God, you calm storms and divide waters! Send your Spirit through our youth and mend these broken things. Align our desires with Your will. This thematic, bashing rage has no healthy place in our walls, and I pray You would cause it to leave now as I type in plea to You.

My healer, my provider, my savior, my strength, my creator, I give You praise for what You are doing in and through our church. Amen.


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