Sacred Revolution Interview Posted


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And I just realized I haven’t done a positive post today! Ack! So I’m gonna make this my positive post. Sacred Revolution is a band that I have been “guiding” over the last year. My brother started this “Student Worship Project”, but then he got pretty overwhelmed with a new baby and some new job changes. Anyhow, the project kinda landed in my lap, and I gotta be honest that it’s been a challenge. But a GREAT challenge. The kind that builds experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

These youth vary in age and style, but I know in the heart of each of them is a desire to share their talents to spread the Word of God. That in and of itself has kept them moving forward. Even though some days I am sure they would love to throw their instrument or mic in the air and call it quits, they keep coming back with a willingness to accommodate the unforeseen. They have endured the sticky start and my lack of guitar knowledge….and now they are performing in a huge community/missions project (Union Cross Cafe).

I’m grateful to be a part of these youth’s lives. I pray for their futures and look forward to how God will use them to impact the world. 🙂


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