Morning Giggles


So this morning my mom calls me.  She asks me several questions, which I answer in my typical sarcastic tone.  Yep, it’s one of those days.  “Can I get you anything from Walmart?”  For a split second I consider answering “a job”, but decide to splurt out “Toothpaste!”  That’s the first word I’ve spoken all day, so it comes out unusually loud and gruff.  Eruption of laughter.  Then she continues with questions and reminders, all focused around either the Union Cross Cafe or my lack of job. Then…

Suddenly my mom is bugging out.  “Where is my phone?  Good grief, why can’t I find my phone?”  I hear her digging around in her purse and running around the house.  I keep talking about my need for toothpaste and the importance of stain lifters.  “Seriously, where is my cell phone???”

So I say, “Mom.  Aren’t you talking to me on your cell phone?”

Silence for literally 2 minutes.  You know what’s she doing?  Silent laughter.  It’s that kind that you see when  someone is bobbing their shoulders up and down while their hand is over their mouth.

I think that should make some kind of record.


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