It WENT Fantabulous!!!!!!


So here’s my after café update.

1) Everything went so smoothly.  Rehearsals were a bit touch and go, but honestly not bad at all.  The actual sets were better than words.  We’ve already pre-sold 3 CDs of our evening of music.

Yeah.  Exactly.

2)  We sold A LOT of food….and people donated quite a large amount to World Hope.  It’s pretty awesome, honestly.  I’m still waiting for the final count.  (We have some pizzas left over for a small donation….please come to CWC and get some tomorrow at church!!)

3)  The turn out of people was pretty much completely baffling.  I think we ended up with around 150 people.  At first we thought around 100, but there were some in and out, plus many stood up the whole time. For a first time at this, wow.  Just wow.

After all this, all I can say is God is so good.

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