Thank You


The café was a success because of you:

Jesse Jennings-heavy lifting, comic relief

Brittany Reich-planning, details, decorating, serving, bakery donations

Joshua Reich-marketing designs, printing

Taya Baldwin-planning, pizza making, coffee utensils, coffee making, pizza and syrup donations

Matt Baldwin-pizza making, bass playing

Joseph Tatum-heavy lifting, djembe playing, gig spotting

Ashlie Pugh-planning, decorating, coffee making, overall support, donations

Chris Pugh-drum playing, heavy lifting

David Stack-heavy lifting, sound gear lending

Meredith Ader-planning, coffee making, cafe support, donations

Monty Ader-heavy lifting, gig spotting, guitar playing

Nathan Hardin-heavy lifting, sound gear lending, sound (you made it happen!)

Audrey Reich-planning, cloth making, root of the cafe idea, donations

Karen Scott-childcare

Liz Earnhardt-chilcare

Dianne Andrews-childcare

Betsy Earnhardt-childcare

Maribeth Jennings-keyboard playing, prayer encouraging, donations

Joey Jennings-couch lending, brass playing


Dennis Renfroe-brass arrangement, brass playing

Beth Renfroe-serving/kitchen support, donations

David Renfroe-brass playing

Chris Garmon-drum playing

Tara Reich-violin playing

James Tatum-djembe/shaker playing, gig spotting

Christian Flinchum-djembe playing, gig spotting

Morgan Flinchum-shaker playing, gig spotting

Adam Boose-electric guitar playing


CWC Sunday School Classes: for all your donations!!! 🙂

And of course to our ARTiSTS: Anazao, Joseph Tatum, Bethany, and Sacred Revolution for willingness to minister to us.


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