Wow.  Today was amazing.  God is amazing!  So much has been confirmed in one day.

I got asked so many questions today.  (Interviewed by 2 people back to back.)  One of the questions was “what is the thing you are most proud of?”  I bubbly replied “the Union Cross Cafe!”  He seemed very interested in that.    Then the kicker question:  “What is your dream job?”  Uh, uh, uh, uh.  No one had ever asked me that.  Not really.  Sure, I’ve heard “where do you see yourself in 10 years” and “where do you think God is leading you”, but never straight out asking me what my dream job is.

I think at that point I almost busted a gut.  “You want my honest answer???”  Yes.  I asked that.  He said, “yes!”  Finally.  Someone actually seemed to care.  Someone wasn’t asking me to be “realistic” or “logical.”  I wasn’t expected to give the answer someone was hoping to hear.  So..

“I want to use all of my talents and abilities all at once.  I want to be a coordinator, planner, musician, minister, teacher person somehow to help people.  I don’t know where that exists and I don’t know what that would be called.  But that’s my dream.”

It didn’t matter to me that I may have just bombed that interview.  I was almost in tears sitting there getting to talk about what I had been doing the last couple of years and what I wanted to do in my dreams.

That was only the tip of the awesomeness of the day.  I was so blessed to be part of 3 powerful prayer sessions.  Our church is rising up and wanting to do some amazing things.  We are sensing a special movement that is being attacked by some dark forces, but in prayer today we stood up and petitioned God for His hand of reconciliation and protection so that we can accomplish these tasks ahead.  I am truly bubbling over with joy about what is happening within our hearts.  It was confirmed by at least 4 people today…

And to top my day off, Nathan Hardin fixed my car.  For free.  In like an hour.  Driving it home, it was as though my car was good as new.  He couldn’t assure me that what he did 100% solved the problem, but something is definitely better.  And it hasn’t stalled since!

How stupendous.  How thrilled am I to be a part of God’s family!


One thought on “Alive!!!!!!

  1. Jordan

    Alive and well it seems! It is difficult to be “real” in your interviews especially when you want to impress upon your interviewers that you really want that job even though it may not be your dream job. You brought me to tears as well. Thanks a lot!

    Good news about the car! Thank goodness! We can be thankful to God that we each have different talents (some with cars, some with music and some with rubix cubes) and that he somehow behooves us to use those talents to help others.

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