Skin on Fire, Skin on Fire!!!!


My face is now three shades of red.  My forehead is a nice ripe tomato, my cheeks are burgandy, and my nose and chin are a pale rose.   My chest and arms are probably what you would define as flame.  If you were to stick a marshmallow on a stick about an inch above my arms, you could probably roast it toasty!

All this from my morning project:  CAR WASH!  Yes, yes, the unavoidable youth group car wash.  Even though it wasn’t too well advertised, boy did we do up the site nice.  We had orange cones out with chalk on the road to direct traffic through our washing stations, a hanging towel stand, and hardcore dancing teens (to Kelly Clarkson magic.)  I mean, we had it going on!

Um, so we thought.

We were nicely poaching under the morning sunlight for about an hour and a half before we had our first customer.  Then they slowly trickled in.  We did alright for a last minute fundraiser extravaganza.

But tomorrow as I wear my bright yellow shirt over red hot skin singing my solo in “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, our audience might get a bit more fireworks than they bargained for.


One thought on “Skin on Fire, Skin on Fire!!!!

  1. Jordan

    Sorry for the sunburn! You should have coordinated a blue top and white skirt to maximize your patriotism as you sang such a patriotic song. Maybe next time…

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