Sir Pizza, So Amazing


Today has been so long.  Up at 6 to head to church for some rehearsals and worship service prep, off to lunch with the Flinchum/Andrew’s clan, over to Forsyth Hospital with the young adults to visit our youth pastor’s wife, then back to church for more rehearsals, church and another meal with some other awesome people.

Here’s the deal.  My brother is amazing.  Both of them honestly are amazing, but my brother has been caring for his girls so much this week so his wife and I could hang.  Brittany is becoming my best girl friend around here.  I am so blessed to have some faithful, rockin’ friends, but I want to just say for a minute how great it is to have a sister-in-law.  It’s like having a sister; we get to talk about girl stuff, walk around malls, eat out, and pray together.  That’s right, pray together.  Isn’t that too great?

She’s not the only sister-in-law that I have.  Tara (my youngest brother Jordan’s wife) lives in Charlotte, so I don’t get to see her too much.  But she is also amazing.  She came last weekend with Jordan to see the Union Cross Cafe, and prepared a violin part for one of my songs.   It was so incredible.  She does such a beautiful job.  I wish they lived around here.  I think about that a lot.  She has impeccable taste in decorating too….I LOVE their house.

So, thanks, brothers, for bringing these two awesome ladies into the family.  I finally got the sisters I wanted.

And as for church tonight, it was pretty fun.  As always, blessed by the music.  (I am so proud of you,  Joe, Kendra and Christian!!!!)  Brittany and I went out afterwards with some young adults, Don Pence, and the Pughs.  With that group, it is bound to be hilarious.  It definitely was one for the books.

Thanks, Papa Don, for Sir Pizza pizza.


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