Another Crazy Dream


Okay, so I cannot resist. I really want to share my creepy dream. Most of you won’t think it’s creepy at all. In fact, you’ll probably just go, “okay” because you don’t know these people. If you do, you will probably laugh.

I just have really strange dreams.

So there are these two guys I grew up with in REAL life named Robert and Randall. Robert is now married to Tiff and Randall is still single. They are pretty much like brothers to me because they hung out with my two brothers all the time. They also have an older sister who I am friends with.

Now that you have background, here is my dream. Robert and Randall’s mom and my mom arrange marriage for me. So I wear a white dress and head over to this place which totally looks like an 1800s courthouse. Everything looks vintage, including my dress. When the mystery man is revealed, it turns out to be a brother of Robert and Randall’s that I have never met. His name is Rodney, and he also has a foo-man-choo (Robert and Randall have foo-man-choos), and pretty much he looks like a cross between Robert and Randall. They call him Rod for short.

So I marry this guy named Rod. And he’s really quiet. Turns out he owns a bar, which also looks like it was carved in the 1800s. All I remember from there is deciding whether or not I could love this guy, and running out in the middle of the night from the creepy bar bedroom where we lived.


3 thoughts on “Another Crazy Dream

  1. Sounds vaguely like the scene from “Oklahoma” where what’s her face dreams that Judd takes her away from Curly.

    Anyhoo…got your message. And I hate to say it, but unless it’s the very first weekend of October, I’m out the rest of the month in England. 😦 But let me know and if I can work it out, I will. 🙂

  2. Jordan

    Rodney…come on…seriously? That’s hilarious. Rodney Elliott. I like hearing your dreams…when they don’t creep me out…Keep dreamin’!

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