Positive Post Tuesday-My Daddy


I’ve talked a lot about my family in my posts. They are pretty fantastic. Since Father’s Day was not too long ago and I have yet to write a Positive Post about my Father, I will today.

My dad is so cool. My dad laughs a lot. He makes those corny jokes that you can’t help but snicker at. He can lighten the mood when it’s needed. But he knows how to be seriously smart. He challenges his family and causes us to really meditate on things we may usually not think twice about. My dad is also an artist. He can sketch people and construct beautiful furniture, and all of it is crafted with love. My dad also knows how to sing. We haven’t heard him solo much recently, but he’ll put passion and heart into any song about Jesus. The best thing is to walk in on him while he’s listening to the Gaither Vocal Band. He gives a great living room show. 🙂

My dad loves the Lord with all His heart. And with that love comes a distinct mission to teach God’s goodness. He has a reputation that screams teacher. He’s so great at it because he wants people to understand. Dad will come up with all sorts of illustrations and stories so that any age will be able to get excited about Jesus.

He is one of the most multi-talented, gifted, passionate men in the entire world. To support his family, he has made so SOOOOO many sacrifices. I cannot emphasize that enough. My dad has worked hard everyday of my life at a factory making batteries in high heat. He is brilliant, talented, strong, and continues to pour into books during his free time Yet he spends sometimes 12 hours a day doing repetitive motion in that factory at least 5 days a week. He is faithful and determined to be a steady support for his family. I am a result of that faithfulness…

My dad is all that. Yep. He is my hero.


One thought on “Positive Post Tuesday-My Daddy

  1. Jordan

    Faith MAC comes to mind…oh and those times when Dad would lead the congregational singing at Faith. Those were the days. We would sit in the pews during the hymns and snicker at dad up there waving his hands.

    The term “Multi-talented” does not do him justice. He is like 5 multi-tools put into one and then some. There aren’t many things he can’t do. That’s why when I can’t do something around the house or outside…I go running to dad. If he doesn’t have it figured out he’ll figure it out either by himself or with you.

    We have been on many first time adventures together even in the past three years after Tara and I moved to Charlotte. Putting up a Garage Door opener is not an easy task but we did it thanks to dad! He would always actively involve us in his woodworking too. Remember when we built that swing set back in the day? What a fun time that was! I hated to see that thing go when the day came…even though I was kind of too old to use it.

    There are so many memories and recollections of Dad’s faithfulness and encouragement too! Pulling out a Bible at the dinner table or finding a way to make you smile with his corny jokes were constant reminders of his love. You hit the nail on the head, Andi. He’s my hero too!

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